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Links to things I'm messing with

Sample page for GEO 425.

Google Maps Examples
Mildly fancy Google Maps URLs with push pins and whatnot.
Slightly custom map of the Capital Region, Michigan (GM API3)
Integrating point data with the Google Maps interface: significant dune fields in Michigan's lower peninsula.
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission: large elevation errors across the conterminous USA.
MapServer Examples
A direct query to mapserv that returns a graphic of Leelanau townships.
A very simple MapServer demo showing highways in Kenya.
Here's Leelanau County townships embedded in OpenLayers.

OpenLayers Examples
OpenLayers uses wms feeds just fine. This example shows EPA wastewater sites in lower Michigan being served from an MSU Geography wms feed (from a local PostGIS database), with overlays (current NEXRAD radar, vector rivers) from external sites.
Displaying vector points from an xml file in OpenLayers was kind of a pain to figure out.
OpenError is a Javascript library that enables the simulation of simple positional error models for points.
This OpenLayers example uses EPA wastewater permit data to demonstrate how OpenError can be used in an intuitive (and basic) web interface.
Another OpenError example, this time with the OSM backdrop.